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A client’s trust only goes as far as the stylist’s knowledge and experience. Only stylists have the ability to determine the individual needs of each clients’ hair. élan unlimited supports the stylist’s vision of personalized beauty with technology that lets them custom-design hair care products and to evolve those products as the client’s hair evolves. If you’re a beauty industry professional and would like to learn more, click the button below.

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Products for Every Hair Type

At élan unlimited we know that healthier hair means better color, cut and style. élan unlimited partners with hair stylists to address their clients’ hair product needs as individuals.

There are a variety of characteristics that define a client’s hair – scalp, hair texture, curl, hair color, presence of damage….and multiple combinations of all of them! élan treats each of these characteristics independently and as a whole with targeted high-performance hair care and technology that allows the stylist to customize élan’s product to meet each client’s needs. That’s why it’s unlimited….

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replaces one-size-fits-all hair products

élan joins technology for the health of the hair with the vision of stylists practicing their craft. Their work is a study of their client’s individuality – so are our products.

élan unlimited Shampoos, Conditioners and Styling products envelop each hair strand with nurturing ingredients and an unparalleled sensorial experience. They are designed to complement and work together to deliver beautiful, healthy hair and enhance the Hair Stylist craft, creativity and relationship with their client.

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Designed by the Stylist

elan’s cutting edge technology allows hairstylists to easily analyze their clients’ hair anatomy.  By entering the client-specific hair characteristics into our easy-to-use diagnostic tool, the stylist is able to produce customized hair care and styling products.

Artist Helping Artists

élan unlimited believes that hairstylists are artists, and we are focused on helping stylists become better at their craft and more successful in their business.

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Only Sold Through Salons by Beauty Professionals

élan unlimited products are sold exclusively through hair salons. Only a licensed hair professional can customize products for their clients.

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A Full Line of Hair Care Products

élan unlimited is launching a full line of customizable shampoos, conditioners, and styling products to be sold exclusively through hair salons.

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