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Who is élan unlimited?

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élan unlimited is the only stylist-centric hair care company on the market. We believe that our success depends on the success of each of our stylist-partners. We allow stylists to create customized hair care products for their clients, and we form partnerships with those stylists so that they consistently share in the revenue from those products. Our business is built on the belief that when a client’s hair care is customized by a stylist, they are ensured the best individual results.


Three Powerful Systems for the Styling Community

1A full line of products and tools to help stylists design hair products individually for each client.

2A production system to deliver those custom-formulated products directly to each client’s home (to be launched in Spring of 2021).

3A business model that allows each stylist to have their own ecommerce business around the products they design.

In addition, over the coming months we will create an online community of beauty industry professionals who will use our products, share best practices, and help each other succeed financially.

Our History

Maria Laguardia

Maria Laguardia


Maria brings more than thirty years of product development experience to élan unlimited. After starting her career at Estée Lauder, Lancaster and Christian Dior in the 1990s, she moved into more entrepreneurial ventures where she developed unique hair and skin care products for Crunch Gym, Mana Products and Profound Beauty. In 2004 she developed and patented a ‘METHOD FOR DIAGNOSING AND APPROPRIATELY CLEANSING, CONDITIONING AND STYLING THE HAIR’, a system for customized hair care that foreshadowed the new approach she has developed for élan’s revolutionary hair care system. Maria believes that the most effective way to customize hair care products is to leverage the expertise of a professional stylist. “Only stylists have the skill and knowledge needed to assess the physiology of a client’s hair and scalp, and balance that with the styling goals for that particular client. When they are empowered to employ those abilities to tailor the products they use, they deepen the client relationship and maximize the client experience”

David Robertson

David Robertson


Dave Robertson came to élan from a very different perspective. Dave is an MIT faculty member, the author of two books on innovation, and a frequent speaker at conferences and company events on innovation-related topics. Before MIT, Dave was a Professor at both IMD (a Swiss business school) and Wharton, as well as a consultant at McKinsey & Company. Where Maria saw the need for better products so that stylists could express their artistic capabilities, Dave saw the need for a better business model so that stylists could increase their incomes. Although the big beauty companies and online retailers depend on salons and stylists to sell their products, they treat stylists like disposable parts of a larger machine, and capture the bulk of the profits from the sale of those products for themselves. Dave says “it was surprising to me how much revenue the online retailers have taken away from stylists and salons. By creating a line of products that are customized by stylists for their clients, we’ve created an income stream that can never be diverted to an online retailer.”

Maria and Dave agreed – it was time to start a company that put stylists at the center of the business. They founded élan unlimited in the Spring of 2019. Shortly thereafter, Dave and Maria began recruiting business partners, employees, stylists, and salon owners to help develop and refine the products, establish the business, and prepare for the launch of the company.

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